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Urbaneer’s January 2017 E-Promo

January 30th, 2017 |

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Here's what you'll find in the January 2017 edition of our e-newsletter, as Toronto's real estate cools with the winter temperatures!

First, we share our Homewatch News contribution, 'Urbaneer’s Helpful Home Maintenanace Tips'. Housing components are intentionally built for obsolescence, so for the homeowner, there will always be a something to attend to in the property maintenance department. In addition to having a project list for renovations and repair, it’s a good idea to make a regular practice of checking on several building components on a regular basis, so as to identify potential problem areas before they get out of hand. In this Homewatch installment we provide our favorite helpful hints when it comes to home maintenance, as well asour Seasonal 'To Do' Summary - spring cleaning may be only two months away! Our HomeWatch newsletters are usually turned into direct mail pieces, delivered to around 40,000 Toronto households. It's part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns - like advertising our Innovative Space ad in the Friday Globe and Mail newspaper (for over twenty years) - to our informative blog and our growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers have recently purchased in our Home of The Month feature. In January, we share the journey of a professional couple who climbed the property ladder from their swish one bedroom condo at The Hudson at King and Spadina, into a four level freehold townhouse in Prime Leslieville. Although they didn't seek out a dwelling with nearly four times more square footage than their condo, this strategic property purchase appealed to our Buyers for its turn key condition and superb location. Luckily they came out on top in an intense bidding war! Follow the story on our blog!

October's installment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, 'Should I Seek A Home With Rental Potential?'. As housing affordability in Toronto dwindles, more and more house hunters are being forced to think outside the box. This installment offers our advice on using part of your residence to generate rental income! Here was the original letter: "After an exhausting house hunt, we have yet to buy a home, so are re-thinking our strategy. Faced with the fact that prices just keep climbing and that our budget is already near the ceiling, we are contemplating shifting our search to include properties that might have a potential to help generate rental income, by letting us rent out part of the home. This could assist in helping us manage the mortgage and/or keeping other cash flow going. What do you think? What sort of things should we be looking for with this new approach? What do we need to know to become landlords in Toronto?"  Check out the full post, especially if you're a househunter or homeowner looking for extra income!

As realtors, writers, and avid social media participants - not to mention lovers of all things real estate - our urbaneer team shares multiple blogs each week. According to January's statistics, one of our most well received blogs was our 'Winter 2016/2017 Real Estate Forecast: Part Two', in which we continue to discuss the mounting challenges that eroding affordability is presenting for first-time (and highly-leveraged) buyers, while also considering the factors that keep pushing Toronto's real estate prices up and up and up - and the inherent vulnerabilities involved.

We're also super excited that our blog 'On Building Sustainable Housing In Canada' was a front runner! While the green movement is gaining momentum, one obstacle to sustainability in building is that very few people have a clear understanding of the design principals behind the movement. We're proud to be able to share valuable information with our readers in this respect.

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