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Urbaneer’s April 2015 E-Promo

April 24th, 2015 |

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Here's what we explore in our April issue:

First, we share our Homewatch newsletter, entitled, 'Maximize The Value Of Your Condo With Smarter Upgrades'. Urbaneer's Steve Fudge has launched multiple new and loft conversion condominium projects in Toronto over the years, and completed countless renovations. Both Steven and the urbaneer team agree that there are certain home improvement projects that add much more resale value to your condominium than others. In this newsletter we outline what we feel are the top upgrades to get the most 'bang for your buck' when it comes time to sell. In order to better share that information with you, this newsletter was converted into a direct mail piece and delivered to around 40,000 Toronto households this month. It's part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns like advertising our Innovative Space ad in the Friday Globe and Mail (as we have done for over twenty years), along with our presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

This month, our Dear urbaneer series post is called, 'Why Is The Toronto Real Estate Market So Hot?' In this popular piece, we respond to the following client question: "Dear urbaneer: I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm feeling the ill effects of the ups and downs of my property search. These major swings between euphoria at locating a possible property and crushing defeat losing in a bidding war are beginning to take their toll. Why is the market so pumped up? How much of this can one house hunter take? Signed, Upside Down & Sideways." If you experience a roller coaster of wiggity emotions as a house hunter in the current market, rest assured that this is an unfortunate, yet completely normal by-product of searching for your dream home. In this blog we discuss the factors that have shaped this hot market and that may be causing you extreme stress. The bottom line is: don't panic. We are invested in you and in your house hunt. That means helping your find your dream property, but also providing encouragement and pragmatic positivity to help you endure what is often a long process. We can see the light at the end of your housing tunnel, and we delight in the moment where we can help you see it too! Read the full post here.

Each month we like to share the story of one of our dedicated Buyers and their home-buying journey. If you're a regular reader of these posts, you know we help all kinds of purchasers including first time and move-up buyers, down-scaling zoomers, investors, and people relocating to Toronto. In our April Home Of The Month blog, we focus on a dynamic couple who have a sweetheart of a newborn. Having resided in Bedford Park for a number of years, this twosome turned threesome adored their urban village, and hoped their house hunt wouldn't force them to stray too far out of this amenity-laden area (with some of the most reputable school districts!) Read the full post here to learn about opting for a home needing substantial renovations, and why the fixer-upper they purchased will end up bringing them much joy for years to come!

One of our most popular blogs this month was Can I Have An Income Suite In My Residence? Let's face it: with the rising cost of real estate, it is becoming even more attractive to own a property that provides you with shelter and an income supplement. But creating an income suite is not an easy task; there are several aspects to consider - from safety to building permits to zoning to taxation issues - that we address in this informative blog. Click here to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and how to ensure you get the most out of your second suite.

We are proud to say that on April 17th, Steven Fudge's own Movie House loft, coming soon to market, was named the Globe and Mail's Home of the Week! We couldn't be happier with this well-written article that details Steve's renovation journey (to the tune of $250,000), and reveals how he created a space that so efficiently celebrates and supports the urban lifestyle. Visually elevated by Alex Lukey's stunning photography, this article has already garnered the Movie House a great amount of attention - we can't wait to bring it to market in early May!

And don't miss the sensational unique urban homes listed for sale and lease for your consideration!

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