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April 30th, 2012 | Style Enhancement Staging



Welcome to's Latest Style Enhancement.

To achieve top dollar on any property, Sellers should be prepared to pare down their belongings, execute a thorough Spring Cleaning, and  invest some capital to remedy any deficiencies or problem areas in advance of listing. Depending on the extent of work required, it typically takes our clients 45 to 90 days to get their residence ready for sale. Click HERE for one of's HomeWatch Newsletters that will give you a crash course on the 'Top Strategies To Sell Your Home'.

However, sometimes Sellers just don't have the time to do all this, which is why the team are the first people they call.

Here's a Case Study:

When our busy client suddenly found she had to work out of province, she knew all she had to do was hand us the keys and would take care of selling her condominium from start to finish.

During our initial visit, we created a comprehensive 'To-Do List' that outlined what items should stay and which should go for property presentation, what deficiencies should be attended to, and where some funds should be spent to elevate the property to help it sell faster and for the highest price.

In this circumstance, the suite required a thorough cleaning, including the thick-with-dust concrete terrace, glass railings, and 80 foot expanse of floor to ceiling windows both inside and out. The suite needed some new bedding, the cushions dry cleaned and, most substantial, the 800 square foot L-shaped terrace, devoid of much beyond a few mismatched furnishings, needed a top-to-bottom Style Enhancement. Barren, bleak and blank, recommended a $10,000 capital investment to elevate and commodify the interior and extremely rare-to-find outdoor space.

After investing $550 getting the terrace, glass railings and floor-to-ceiling windows cleaned inside and out, called on Bruno from Fresh Florals to make the terrace lush with some landscaping. Over two-thirds of the budget went to planters and plantings, which are being included in the sale of the Suite. then allocated $1000 on some synthetic grass carpets care of Rob at Versatile Grass, and some easy-breezy outdoor furnishings from Ikea and's own Style Enhancement warehouse.

Here's how the shiny sparkly landscaped terrace looks now:



Don't you Love?

Being pro-active by preparing your property in advance of sale translates into a quicker sale and a better price. And if you're too busy, is here to help! Our seller here is pleased with the result. This TERRACE SWAG listing has received an offer to purchase within 72 hours of coming to market! Click HERE to see this listing!

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And stay tuned for our next Style Enhancement... a first time buyer condo!

If you, or anyone you know, is considering selling and would benefit from's Style Enhancement Listing Service, please know the team are here to help!

~ Steven

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