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The Best Of Urbaneer: Featured Homes & Homes Of The Month

July 4th, 2018 | The Best of UrbaneerYorkville / Summerhill / RosedaleThe DanforthRiverdale / Playter EstatesWallace/Emerson & Brockton Village

Welcome to the second installment of The Best Of Urbaneer where I share some of’s most popular posts from the last several years. Last time, I took a look back at some of my most popular posts on Style and Design. For this compilation, I’m going to offer a… Read Full Entry

Best Of Urbaneer: Style And Design

November 13th, 2017 | House And HomeThe Best of Urbaneer

Hello, Dear Reader! I recently celebrated my 25th anniversary as a realtor in Toronto's high-octane real estate market. Given the length and breadth of my career - which started with a multi-disciplinary university education on housing and home - I’ve both seen and experienced a lot. I’m also, by nature,… Read Full Entry