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OFSI Proposes Changes To The Mortgage Stress Test Coming Soon

April 8th, 2021 | Real Estate

With real estate markets soaring cross-country, thanks to pandemic-fueled housing hunts, there has been growing pressure on policy makers to step in to cool overheating markets. The combination of low interest rates and the fear of missing out, pandemic style is testing the bounds of affordability. In a city like… Read Full Entry

March Madness: TRREB Reports Record Home Sales And Soaring Prices In March 2021

April 6th, 2021 | Real Estate

Real estate markets can be fickle and frenetic, but right now, Toronto's seems to be on fire! As certain sectors of our economy continue to improve, prices have trended steeply upward - particularly over the past 3 months! This is due in great part to a surge in sales that has not been matched… Read Full Entry

Look What We Found In Our Easter Basket!

April 4th, 2021 | Real EstateRiverdale / Playter EstatesAnnex / South Annex / Seaton VillageCollege Street/Little ItalyLittle PortugalQueen West

Happy Easter! When you're a realtor who finds Novelty Architecture amusing, it was only a matter of time the opportunity would present itself to incorporate The Basket Building into a post. And what could be more obvious than using it for Easter? Built for The Longaberger Company, an American manufacturer… Read Full Entry

Edwardian Residential Architecture In Toronto

April 3rd, 2021 | City LivingReal EstateJunction/High Park/Bloor West/SwanseaSwansea / High Park / Bloor West VillageCorso Italia / DavenportWychwood / Humewood - CedarvaleHigh Park North / The Junction MidtownYorkville / Summerhill / RosedaleDufferin Grove / Bloorcourt VillageKing West / Niagara / Liberty VillageThe DanforthLeslieville/RiversideRiverdale / Playter EstatesCabbagetown / CorktownAnnex / South Annex / Seaton VillageCollege Street/Little ItalyLittle PortugalQueen WestWallace/Emerson & Brockton VillageRoncesvalles Village

One of the many benefits of living in Toronto is the beauty of our vintage housing stock. While older residences will require additional maintenance and repair simply because of their longevity, the high style patina and architectural touches that lend the unique character to these homes are truly immeasurable. No… Read Full Entry

Toronto’s Terrific Trinity Bellwoods Park

April 2nd, 2021 | City LivingReal Estate

Green space has always been important for mental and physical health, but during the pandemic, having access to green space is even more crucial! This is particularly true if you are a dog owner. Trinity Bellwoods is one of Toronto’s top 3 parks (according to me!) and offers great green space… Read Full Entry

Naturalists Rejoice: Unbelievable Downtown Toronto Floating Home Lists For $399,000

April 1st, 2021 | City LivingReal Estate

For the naturalist who is also a busy professional working in Toronto's downtown financial core, we recognize it can be difficult to find accommodation which allows you to unwind after navigating the freneticism of corporate culture, let alone the ravages of everyday life. Especially if you find your greatest peace being on the water.… Read Full Entry

The Affordability Conundrum For Toronto House Buyers: Livability, Condition & Costs

March 30th, 2021 | Real EstateJunction/High Park/Bloor West/SwanseaCorso Italia / DavenportHigh Park North / The Junction Wallace/Emerson & Brockton Village

I enjoy writing about real estate, a lot. Whether it's a blog, advertising copy or the features of a listing and its location, spinning words is my jam. Sometimes the story flows like a stream of consciousness while other times I have to dig deep searching for the message. More than occasionally, I have to close my laptop and believe the right words will… Read Full Entry

Oh, What A Difference A Year Makes: What $3Million Buys You In Toronto Today (Psst It’s a lot less!)

March 10th, 2021 | COVID-19 & Toronto Real EstateReal EstateJunction/High Park/Bloor West/SwanseaSwansea / High Park / Bloor West VillageRiverdale / Playter EstatesAnnex / South Annex / Seaton Village

A year ago today, few of us anticipated the breadth of change COVID-19 would bring, and that the byproduct of a global pandemic would see Toronto real estate values skyrocket in the quest for more space. How much has the 'New Space Race' changed property values in the course of just one… Read Full Entry

Toronto Home Sales Reach New Heights In February 2021

March 3rd, 2021 | Real Estate

The desire and appetite for real estate of GTA buyers has not been suffocated by the pandemic. TRREB CEO John DiMichele says that "once the economy opens further and immigration into the GTA resumes, there will be an even greater need for housing supply. Understandably, COVID-19 has been front and centre for… Read Full Entry

Dear Urbaneer: Why Are There Bidding Wars For Toronto Real Estate During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

February 24th, 2021 | COVID-19 & Toronto Real EstateDear UrbaneerReal EstateTales From The Real Estate TrenchesThe Danforth

Welcome to this month’s installment of Dear Urbaneer. I take time every month to sift through our virtual mailbag to answer real estate questions from our readers. In this month’s installment, one of our clients is wondering about the accelerating trend of bidding wars and rising prices during the COVID-19… Read Full Entry