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A Sweet Confection Called Salt Point House

October 18th, 2010 | House And Home

If you've been following my blog, you know my design programe at The Button Factory has included the marriage of wood, metal, glass and stone. My philosophy is that the use of natural materials in architecture keeps the built-form rooted in the landscape, so that no matter how extreme the design and configuration might be, the building exudes an authenticity that keeps it honest and true. I believe this is one essential way to avoid appearing trendy. In fact, with proper execution and thoughtfulness, I think the end result can convey timelessness. For me timelessness, where you can't easily peg when the property was constructed, is the penultimate success of brilliant architecture.

This weekend getaway in Salt Point, New York by architect Thomas Phifer featured in is a great example of this design philosophy. It's essentially a cedar box with a skin of perforated metal. This artful combination creates a piece of architecture that compliments its site without being too 'look at me' self-centred or pretentious. Isn't it dreamy? I think this structure will stand the test of time and always be beautiful.

~ Steven

**Photos by Scott Frances

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