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Love For Spruce Decor In Cabbagetown

September 16th, 2019 | City LivingCabbagetown / Corktown

Welcome to my blog on housing, culture and design in Toronto. As a design-obsessed realtor consumed with everything housing and home, when it comes to curating a living space, nothing shouts 'personality' like a collection of quirky and cool art, accents and unique finds. But achieving this isn't going to… Read Full Entry

Tiki Some Time Off At The Shore Leave On The Danforth!

September 15th, 2019 | City LivingThe Danforth

I never - ever - underestimate the mental, emotional and physical benefits of taking a vacation. However, given the logistics of checking out of daily life can be a challenging and the expense prohibitive, instead of boarding a jet plane for a sunkissed escape I highly recommend you press pause,… Read Full Entry

It’s The Cabbagetown Tour Of Homes By The Cabbagetown Preservation Society!

September 13th, 2019 | City LivingCabbagetown / Corktown

For those who are, shall I say, compelled to be curious - if not entirely housing-obsessed like I am - it's a real treat when you get the opportunity to take a peek inside unique and interesting homes. After all, houses each have stories to tell, and opening the front… Read Full Entry

A Weekend Wandering The Danforth East Arts Fair

September 13th, 2019 | City LivingThe Danforth

One of the best parts of being part of a cool community is being able to participate in events that entertain and inspire - both of which enrich life, no? Parks are a vital part of urban living, and for those who haven’t already, should consider checking out East Lynn Park,… Read Full Entry

Country Charm At Riverdale Farm In Cabbagetown

September 12th, 2019 | City LivingCabbagetown / Corktown

As the kiss of Autumn starts tickling our noses, it serves as a reminder to squeeze in those leisurely walks so many of us adore when it's neither too hot, nor too cold, before Frosty The Snowman blasts his icy chill across Toronto. So where do I like to stroll?… Read Full Entry

Toronto Film Map & TIFF: Toronto Emerging As Star Of Hollywood North

September 6th, 2019 | City Living

Welcome to my blog on culture, design, and housing & home in Toronto! Do you love the art of film like we do? Toronto is a draw for many around the world because of its economy, infrastructure, opportunity and overall cool vibe. While Toronto attracts visitors around the globe for any… Read Full Entry

Toronto Real Estate Sales Increased Through August 2019, While New Listings Declined

September 5th, 2019 |

According to the newly released Toronto Real Estate Board's stats, the condominium sector continue to 'lead the pack' in terms of price growth, despite there being a shorter supply of - and higher demand for - frehold properties! The demand for more expensive home types was very low in 2018… Read Full Entry

Serenity Blooms In The Garden Suite At The Black House In Charlottetown, PEI

September 4th, 2019 | Tales Of Upper Hillsborough

Welcome to the Tales From Upper Hillsborough, where I share the journey of Urbaneer team member James Ormston and I who, eleven years ago, bought a dilapidated vintage triplex in idyllic Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Once a stately manse dating from the 1880s, this property had been neglected until we purchased it in 2008 as a… Read Full Entry

Urbaneer’s August 2019 E-Promo

August 31st, 2019 |

*Did you know we publish a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to for FREE? Just click the link at the bottom of this post!* Welcome to the dog days of summer! Even with the arrival September, the return to routine, and back-to-school sales in every store window, there's some comfort… Read Full Entry

Dear Urbaneer: What Should I Know About Light Pollution?

August 27th, 2019 | Dear UrbaneerHealthy HomeThe DanforthLeslieville/Riverside

Welcome to this month’s edition of Dear Urbaneer! Every month I take time to field real estate questions from our readers, which vary in topic and complexity but are always intriguing. This month, I am helping a reader wondering about the growing problem of light pollution and the impact on… Read Full Entry