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Our Recent Press On Co-Ownership In Real Estate Magazine Online

December 2nd, 2019 |

Urbaneer has been talking about co-ownership in housing for years now! In 2016, we laid out the major pros and cons of condominiums versus co-ownership buildings (What’s The Difference Between Condominiums Versus Co-Ownership?) and earlier this year Steve responded to a client inquiry with some great advice; a landlord was considering selling the rental suite portion of his home to his tenants, and became the subject of a Dear Urbaneer installment: Dear Urbaneer: Can I Sell Part Of My House For Co-Ownership?. Definitely check it out if you're curious on how to create co-ownership options in freehold housing. After all, the idea of co-owning a property with others is an interesting proposition and, without a doubt, it's an arrangement that more people are exploring given the high prices of Toronto real estate!



Just recently, Steve was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Connie Crane of Real Estate Magazine, for one of their online articles. In it, Steve expounds on the particular process and financial benefits of co-ownership, alongside two other realtors from both Toronto and Vancouver. Read the article here: "Navigating The Complexities Of Co-ownership".

If you'd like to learn more about the concept of splitting ownership of a home, including the related trend of today's seniors wanting to "age in place" and the rise in interest in mutli-generational housing, visit our blog!



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