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A LIttle Property Nip N Tuck

March 10th, 2011 | Style Enhancement Staging

One of the services we take pride offering at is called a Style Enhancement. It's where we guide homeowners on how to prepare their home for sale in a fresh current style that will help it show to its maximum potential and best use.

To start, we begin listing items which should be removed to pare down and reorganize the space. Then we recommend simple improvements to freshen up the property, including decorating tips like using contemporary paint colours, or easy upgrades like changing hardware or adding window coverings. These simple clever straight-forward ideas can help a property show well without breaking the bank.

We also offer home furnishing assistance. I'm reluctant to call it 'Staging', despite it being a term more and more homeowners understand. Staging is where the homeowner frequently removes most of their belongings in order to move in new merchandise. More often than not, the furnishings that are brought in look like those ubiquitous Department Store've all seen it...the same brown loveseats with bright cushions, a glass coffee table, a few pillar candles and maybe some seashells. As far as Im considered, this look is so common it has become completely devoid of personality. Will it help sell your home? Maybe.

At, we prefer to 'tweek' the homeowner's property, using as many of their belongings as possible while introducing some of our own that might be more suitable to the scale of the dwelling, more current in the style files of today's home decor, and a little unusual and eclectic so it makes the property more memorable. In the photo below, our Seller took our recommendation to repaint the walls and trim to create a more open airy feel. Some of the furnishings are from, and some belongs to the owner. We bet you can't tell which!




In the photo below, we brought in the two pieces of art (Toronto artist Betty Kaser's 'Dresses'), to tie in the owner's bed linens and window coverings. We think this now makes the room more cohesive and sing!



In the photo below, we took the owner's guest bedroom built-in shelving unit and, using all her own belongings, reorganized it to read better as the multi-function system it is.




In the room below, we took items located in cupboards and other rooms from our client's property to create this lovely breakfast room. The only items brought in was the wooden pear on the table and the three gorgeous ethereal paintings done by Toronto artist Jay Hodgins. Isn't this gorgeous?



We're all real estate voyeurs, so you may be disappointed to learn you will never see any 'before' shots of spaces receiving our personal Style Enhancement. As much as I love 'before' pics I always feel badly for the homeowner who inevitably see photos of their home that have been purposely photographed messy and badly lit so it looks its worst. It's the visual equivalent of a bully in a school yard publically heckling, jeering and sneering. How cruel!

At our business is to help make your property sell faster while putting a profit in your pocket. Is this too good to be true? Nope!

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~ Steven

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