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May 20th, 2015 | Real EstateRenovating The Movie House LoftTales From Tennis CrescentAnnex / South Annex / Seaton VillageCollege Street/Little Italy

When I embarked on the renovation journey transforming my Movie House Loft, I decided to elevate the space to the highest calibre possible.

The end result?

This dreamy place represents my own indulgent version of a bespoke boutique hotel suite.

It all started back in 1995 when the Movie House Lofts first went on sale. As a member of the original development team (this was my third loft conversion), I assisted executing the concept, sales and marketing of this charming vintage conversion. Having just 18 suites - and 2 commercial units - this was one of the first condominiums to arrive to Little Italy. With its incredible historical character and attractive price point, this intimate development sold out within four hours of coming to market. And as I did with most of the conversions I sold, I snapped up one of the lofts personally which has served as's headquarters these past 18 years.



Executing a deluxe reno to the highest calibre and standards requires enormous attention to detail. As they say "Perfection is in the details!" This renovation took nearly six months from start to finish - which isn't unusual when you're going with custom everything - with the final cost tallying a squeak under $250,000!

For those who love a good story, I shared some of the misery and triumph in my behind-the-scenes blog series called Renovating the Movie House Loft.

Today, I'm  proud to debut the finished product in a video shot by SilverHouse. Check it out:


Video created by SilverHouse


Having purchased, designed and renovated this space - along with others like The Button Factory at 200 Clinton and my luxury vacation triplex in Charlottetown - I'm now expressing myself through a new architectural project that includes adding (hopefully - I'm going through Planning Approvals as I type) a series of metal and glass cubes to an ugly 1960s Swell Dwell Duplex in Riverdale. So far I've already completed renovating the Garden Suite in a 'Retro Futurism Style' that celebrates mid-century modern. If you like, you can read about my progress in my newest series called the Tales From Tennis Crescent.

In the interim, here's more on my Ethereal Vintage Movie House Loft in Little Italy, which has just come to market for sale for $729,000!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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