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October 28th, 2014 | City LivingTales From Tennis CrescentLeslieville/Riverside

If you've been following our blog, you know I've been embarking on a remodel of my 1960s swell dwell on Tennis Crescent in Riverdale.

Here's a pic of the existing exterior:

Right now I'm tackling a modest renovation of the main level Garden Suite before I embark of a more substantial transformation of this somewhat unremarkable property. While it's a bit blah from the street right now, I promise one day it will be eye-popping gorgeous. Unfortunately nothing ever happens in real life as quickly as it does in my imagination. In the meantime, I'm going to renovate and furnish one suite into a luxe furnished corporate rental... though I'm itching to live in the space myself to see how it fits.

Here's the introductory post called Welcome To The Tales Of Tennis Crescent In Riverdale which shares both where I've come from and where I'm going.

And may I present to you the direction of my dream:

Do you like?

A little while ago I was in Great Stuff At Guff Furniture In Leslieville, where I bought several vintage pieces that I'm incorporating into the suite as built-ins. It's a radical departure from my past aesthetic for sure given I've been a loft dweller for over two decades, but I'm pleased to be taking this adventure.

In fact, I wrote a little while back about my love for mid-century modern screens (this post has some great examples). My place doesn't really have the space to divide it up with a screen, but I found the next best thing when I was driving by one of my many favourite vintage stores on the east side. Behold the wall sculptures below which were hanging near the window. When I called the shop in the morning they told me they had just been hung up the night before. The price? A reasonable $295! Needless to say I snapped them up with my credit card, though they're still hanging in the store window as the renovation hasn't progressed to the furnishing stage.


I find these captivating!

These pieces are from Machineagemodern, located at 1000 Queen Street East near Pape. I've collected from this cool shop in the past here and there, but not frequently as my style hasn't swung into the intense 60s flavour like it is right now, given I own an architectural time capsule. Well, that sounds like it has something redeeming inside, which it doesn't.



That said, if you're seeking the unique is definitely a retail destination you should check out.

Stay tuned for more on the Tales of Tennis Crescent!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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