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Loft Redux

March 20th, 2012 | Style Enhancement StagingLeslieville/Riverside

When our client moved his company out of his authentic 'live/work' loft, leaving it devoid of most furnishings, we decided a design intervention was the only way to go. After all, when you're working with a volume of space where the ceilings are 13.5 feet high and the wall of factory windows span nearly forty feet, you can't expect most Buyers to interpret the scale of the space appropriately. A room this big belies its ginormity! So urbaneer sent a text to the movers to deliver some of urbaneer's more interesting and wack-a-doodle pieces. The time had finally arrived to create a loft hard-on to help seduce this property's next buyer.

There are two ways to go when you're styling a factory environment. You can either celebrate the concrete bluntness with equally compelling furnishings that elevate the industrial mise-en-scene, or you can soften the environment with lots of cushy pieces and yards and yards of swish fabric.

While we love swish, we decided to throw all our masculine punches at creating a live/work space that would appeal to an entrepreneurial rising star. After all, the buyer profile for this space is a hip urban mover and shaker who will be purchasing this space to meet his work needs, perhaps accommodate a pool table, and hold all his inevitable wicked electronics. This is the lifestyle derivative of cool!

Thematically, to convey the live/work zoning we created a multi-function tableau that helps the Buyer read the 'either or' opportunities of this space. After all, the beauty of this purchase is that you have oodles of legal flexibility in how you use the unit. In fact, this loft even has two entrances, which means your clients can come and go while your lover sleeps indulgently on your faux fur bed spread without worry or concern. Afternoon delight anyone?

Working with the seller to style a vignette of domestic bliss, the dreamy sleeping sanctuary is tucked in a corner behind sliding doors, the sleek stainless steel kitchen pops with the allure of cocktails at sixes, and the eclectic dining table with industrial chandelier beckons you to call your friends for a night of poker. Urbaneer placed a sisal carpet in one corner to ground a symphony of metal furnishings. A pair of custom metal loveseats with cream cushions, and a hot rolled stainless steel table anchors the neutral aesthetic. An iron ship's lantern and diminutive Picasso lithograph create a visual contrast while emphasizing the soaring ceilings.





At the other end of this voluminous loft, a second sisal carpet anchors a 1940s chaise longue, a steel basket-weave cocktail table, cream bucket chair and Japanese lamp. Within eye sight of an eye-catching camera, you can already feel the photographer channelling his inspiration. All he needs is a muse! 



In the bedroom, the tone is domestic bliss. We placed just enough items for the buyer to understand the scale of the space without overcrowding it. After all, the most effective Style Enhancements provide enough of a vision to help the Buyer make it his own without boxing him (or her) into a specific aesthetic statement from which there is no deviation.  



Do you like?

At, we love to use as many of our clients' belongings as possible while introducing some of our own that might be more suitable to the scale of the dwelling, more current in the style files of today's home decor, and a little unusual and eclectic so it makes the property more memorable. After all, in the competitive world of real estate, our objective is to help make your property sell faster while generating the largest profit possible for you. Want to learn more? Click HERE and HERE for two of our past Style Enhancements that show you what we do, for free!

Do you like this property? It is now on the market for $649,000. Click HERE for more info!

~ Steven  

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