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Lit Espresso Bar On Roncesvalles Avenue

November 15th, 2015 | City LivingRestaurantsRoncesvalles Village

There is no denying that the Roncesvalles neighbourhood has become one of Toronto's hippest residential neighbourhoods over the past decade. What started out as a Polish and Ukrainian immigrant enclave last century has evolved into a dynamic engaging neighbourhood with tree-lined streets, family-friendly vibes, and specialty establishments and eateries that seek to set themselves apart from the common fare by creating unique experiences within their shops. Lit Espresso Bar is one such establishment.


Photo courtesy of Lit Espresso


Lit has designed a beautiful space that both intrigues the senses and encourages customers to linger. The decor strikes a balance between rusticity and sparkle - including a tin ceiling - which makes it very comfortable. My favorite feature is the coffee bar counter made from heavy sawn stacked wood timbers!



Lit Espresso Bar flies the banner of being Roncesvalles' "hippest neighbourhood retreat" and promises that their "classically trained baristas' passion and attention to detail pay dividends in every pour." Of course, the beans themselves must play a huge part in this shop's success, right? Lit only uses beans from Pig Iron, an independent coffee roasting outfit started a few years back by Lit owners (and siblings), Nicole and Joe Angellotti:

"At Pig Iron, we collaborate with farmers, sources, and importers that are as quality-focused as we are to bring in the most complex and ultimately delicious coffees we can find. Using high-quality green coffee allows us to roast with a light touch, bringing out the inherent sweetness and complexity of the coffee itself. Not only does roasting this way make the coffee taste best, it also enables us to tell each individual coffee’s story by allowing coffee drinkers to experience flavours accountable to the coffee’s terroir, cultivation, and processing." - Pig Iron


Photo courtesy of Pig Iron


Some of the baristas at Lit Espresso Bar are so in love with what they do, that they've competed in (and won) the Brewers Cup, Tasters Cup, and National Barista Competitions. And if you're interested in the specialty coffee industry, or looking to learn to make a killer espresso, Lit even offers classes!

Beyond their delicious coffee, Lit now offers their own fresh cold-pressed juices that are simply flying off the shelves! They also offer croissants from Ma Maison, doughnuts from Glory Hole, vegan (and gluten-free) cookies from Bunner's, and specialty sandwich creations using bread from Blackbird Baking Co. They also have an in-house baker, Natalie Chu, who chooses on a whim what to bake daily.


Photos courtesy of BlogTO


Lit is warm, welcoming, and a steadfast staple of the growing Roncesvalles Village community. Their passion is palpable, and the homey, laid-back ambiance is something you'll want to wrap yourself up in.



Lit Espresso Bar
221 Roncesvalles Ave,
Toronto, ON M6R 2L6
(416) 538-9700
Monday - Friday 7am-6pm
Saturday -Sunday 8am-6pm

(There's also a second Lit Espresso Bar location, if you find yourself in the Leaside. It's located at 1517 Bayview Avenue, which represents their newest venture.)


Can you imagine having Lit Espresso Bar as your cute neighbourhood 'go-to' coffee shop? The 'Central Perk' to your Chandler or Rachel, as it were? 

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