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From Drab To Fab - A Kitchen Update

May 14th, 2014 | House And HomeQueen West

To be strategic in real estate, any homeowner contemplating selling should pro-actively prepare their property for sale to get top dollar.

Knowing that closing dates are often in the range of between 45 and 90 days from date of sale, there is no time like the present to begin preparing for your move. The process begins with streamlining your belongings in advance of going to market. Paring down is straight-forward, yet admittedly, challenges exist; there is always a balance between practicality and sentimentality. First, you need to eliminate everything from the property that won’t be moving with you. Get rid of furniture that is past its prime; make closets more spacious by donating old clothes and empty drawers of those ubiquitous odds and ends. A purge like this will ultimately serve you well and smooth your imminent move.

Next, pre-pack some of your belongings. By editing, your residence will look more light, airy and spacious. Start with hiding away seasonal clothing, rarely used linens, and out of season gear – which will have the two-pronged effect of creating space in your closet - and making your life easier, come moving day. Face it, there is nothing more effective to dissuade a buyer than opening a closet stuffed to the ceiling and being unable to easily close the door. It screams “This house lacks storage!”

Next, Buyers gravitate to properties which are fresh and clean. After all, this basic signals a "Home" is visibly loved. Sometimes you need to spend money in order to make money - and when preparing to sell your house - this certainly holds true. A home that comes to market with the smell of fresh paint, new fittings and a glow from an intense scrubbing tells prospective buyers you’re house proud, which provides a visual and scented cue that says you care about where you live - and this sense of pride goes a long way to enhance value and communicate worth. Who wouldn’t find that appealing?

Here's an example. Our clients, who are relocating overseas, knew their 12 year old kitchen was worse for wear and was looking a little dated. The cabinets were still in good condition, and the appliances, counters and backsplash were newer. Basically the room needed to be elevated from drab to fab with a change in cabinet colour. Taking cues from the style files, our Sellers knew that two-tones cabinets are very de riguer, so they decided to paint most of the cabinets in cream, and the island in a warm grey that was the same colour as the backsplash grout and the veins in the stone backsplash. 

Here's the before and during pics:

Our Sellers contacted Rade Macura at Paint Core (647-287-7232). Rade removed the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and delivered them to their facility in Mississauga where they were resprayed. They returned in a week, taped and sealed the entire kitchen and then sprayed the moldings and trim onsite, after which they re-attached the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This took the day, at which point our Sellers were able to use their kitchen again that evening. It was much less intrusive then they expected, and an economical investment at $3500. 

Here's the fantastic result:


This was one of several endeavors our Sellers undertook to make their Home a showcase. And it paid off. This house got snapped up in competition and sold for 11% over the list price!

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