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DaiLo on College Street In Little Italy

May 13th, 2016 | City LivingRestaurantsCollege Street/Little Italy

Since I make food my hobby - and I LOVE exploring new unique eateries around the city - when DaiLo was named by BlogTO as one of the Best New Restaurants in Toronto, I hustled over there! 


Photo courtesy of BlogTO


Located on the south side of College Street between Markham Street and Palmerston Ave - in a spot that has featured some spectacular dining destinations like Ellipsis and Grace over the years - DaiLo seems understated and unassuming... but once inside, it is anything but! This is an exquisitely crafted space where fun Asian and western forms and styles are blended in a tongue-in-cheek manner, creating a colourful and engaging atmosphere. As a designer myself, I was interested to discover that the main floor was imagined and executed by Solid Design & Build creative design firm; they have put many commercial and residential spaces on the map (including one of my favorite restaurants, nearby La Carnita located right next door!)


Photo courtesy of DaiLo


Photo courtesy of DaiLo


Greeted warmly by what has been called some of the best host/waiting staff in the city, I've now returned multiple times to establish my own favs from their inventive menu. DaiLo benefits from the creative culinary stylings of famous chef, Nick Liu, who is most well-known in Toronto for his East/West food fusions, like General Tao's sweetbread.


Photo courtesy of DaiLo


Photo courtesy of DaiLo


Photo courtesy of DaiLo


This is a rare dining experience that marries synergy with delicious food and libations!

(Oh, and if you like a post-dinner or pre-dinner cocktail [or both!], be sure to make your way upstairs to LoPan, a hidden gem of a bar, that serves delectable snacks and will stir and shake up a variety of mixologist-designed boozy bevies!!)


Image courtesy of DaiLo


I highly recommend you venture to College Street to experience some choice cafes and restaurants. Want to learn more about this area? Check out our Little Italy Neighbourhood page which includes a flavour video, the census data and several of our amenity blogs on what we love about this area!

And Happy Eats!!


~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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