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March 3rd, 2011 | House And Home

Face it, nothing screams architectural purity like an unadorned white pavilion set in nature. This Garrison, New York property designed by Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza, is most everything I covet. Simple, elegant and compositionally refined as the perfect balance to the contrasting organic landscape. It's huge - 54 feet wide, 122 feet long and 12 feet high - with a travertine roof holding an entertainment podium that is breathtaking. 

As the architect says "The place is of profound tranquility where after a day of rain and fog an intense light reflects in the stilled mirror of the majestic Hudson River´s deep waters. A place where twilights are a thousand colors as the water breaks into a thousand reflections. A place where the air is clean and calm, and mild. One could say a place that is very close to heaven."

Here's the link for the whole show!


~ Steven

**Photography by Miguel Quismondo and Javier Callejas

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