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Briscola On College Street

July 5th, 2011 | City LivingCollege Street/Little Italy

There's a fairly recent new arrival to College Street called Briscola Trattoria located at 501 College Street. This is the location that Cinq 01 briefly starred in, which failed for its heavy heapings of attitude that were abundantly dished up every evening. Note to any commercial proprietors opening up a business in College Street's Little Italy. The locals will not return a second time for servings of haughtiness and pretense.  

The first time I went to Briscola I had a spectacular fennel, pear and blue cheese salad followed by a dreamy linguini in a lemon cream sauce with pancetta and clams. It was so delicious I returned one week later to discover the menu had changed and neither were available. Quel surprise! So I ordered a charcuterie plate and a couple of sides of vegetables. It was also fantastic. In fact, Briscola is fast rising into one of my favourite destinations. It has a smartly styled dining room, friendly staff and it doesn't reek of pretense. Well, maybe some of the customers lean to a tad snotty in their slinky black dresses and Manola Blahnik shoes but, for anyone who knows me, that kind are invisible to me.

I'd show you what I ate, but I forgot to take a photo! Here are some snaps:

Briscola Trattoria is down the street from my fantastic contemporary listing masked behind a Victorian exterior. Here's an interior pic:

Have you seen this swell dwell? Click HERE to learn more.

Briscola Trattoria, 501 College Street, 416-964-1555

~ Steven

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