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May 2020

Dear Urbaneer: Can You Help Me Unpack The Metrics Of Toronto Condo Fees?

May 21st, 2020 | Dear Urbaneer

Welcome to this month’s instalment of Dear Urbaneer where I respond to client queries about Toronto real estate. This time I help my clients better understand how condo maintenance fees are determined and can influence value.  It’s important to understand these metrics, as it is an essential part of not… Read Full Entry

Toronto’s Historic Broadview Hotel At Queen & Broadview In Riverside

May 15th, 2020 | City LivingLeslieville/Riverside

There are some buildings that truly make people lament, “if only walls could talk..."  I'm certain that The Broadview Hotel's walls would be full of secrets and stories, as it's endured so many different versions of itself over the decades; it really is the proverbial phoenix, emerging from its gritty past… Read Full Entry

With COVID-19 Outbreaks In Long-Term Care Facilities, Is Multi-Generational Housing Better?

May 13th, 2020 | Healthy HomeReal Estate

The rise of multi-generational housing in Canada has been trending for a while now, particularly in cities like Toronto and Vancouver where a lack of supply and high housing prices have forced homebuyers to look for creative solutions to achieve their homeownership dreams. There are practical familial considerations as well. With aging… Read Full Entry

Hello Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Make Your Home A ‘Net Zero’ Hero

May 7th, 2020 | Healthy HomeHouse And HomeThe Danforth

In an ideal world, Canadian housing would be producing energy rather than consuming it. Our shelter should be healthy, be easily maintained, produce food and water, cause no pollution, and be entirely self-sustaining. While this is far from the reality we live in at the moment, one such environmentally-friendly choice gaining momentum… Read Full Entry

April 2020 Toronto Regional Real Estate Statistics: A Month In The Shadow Of COVID-19

May 5th, 2020 | Real Estate

The necessary social distancing and economic impacts associated with COVID-19 clearly impacted home sales and listings throughout April 2020. The competition for those properties already on the market when COVID-19 came to Canada ensured a tiny increase in the average home price last month but only in the semi-detached market; both… Read Full Entry