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April 2018

Urbaneer’s April 2018 E-Promo

April 30th, 2018 |

**Wait just a minute!! Did you know you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for FREE? Just click the link at the bottom of this post!**   Here is what you'll find inside our April 2018 E-Newsletter: To start, we bring you our Homewatch News contribution, 'How Do I Best Equip… Read Full Entry

Dear Urbaneer: About Holdbacks On Offers, Bully Offers & Bidding Wars For Buyers

April 25th, 2018 | Dear UrbaneerTales From The Real Estate Trenches

Welcome to this month’s installment of Dear Urbaneer - and by virtue of its real-time insight a - Tales From The Real Estate Trenches segment where I tackle tough real estate questions put to my team and I by our clients. This month, I'm going to address the pricing strategy that is commonly seen… Read Full Entry

April 2018 - Home Of The Month - Trinity Bellwoods

April 23rd, 2018 | Buy Of The MonthCollege Street/Little ItalyLittle PortugalQueen West

Welcome to the April 2018 Home of the Month! This feature provides a snapshot of what Urbaneer's Buyers have recently purchased in the City of Toronto. This month’s real estate buy comes from Urbaneer team member James Ormston, who assisted our Buyers in securing a contemporary masterpiece in a Triple… Read Full Entry

Bosley’s Market Insight For The Second Week Of April 2018

April 20th, 2018 |

Here's a breakdown of the week's key headlines, plus a helpful explanation courtesy of our parent brokerage, Bosley Real Estate!     Woohoo the spring market is heating up! The media headlines are all positive news that the Toronto-area and GTA real estate market is showing signs of a spring rebound… Read Full Entry

The Other Side Of Rent Control And Toronto Real Estate

April 18th, 2018 | Real Estate

Welcome to the blog where we explore all facets of place, culture and design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Recently I touched briefly on the issue of rent control in Urbaneer’s Winter 2017/2018 Toronto Real Estate Forecast - Part Two and in How Our Three Levels of Government Are Impacting… Read Full Entry

Family-Run Wag On The Danforth

April 17th, 2018 | City LivingMonika's Animal HouseThe Danforth

Look out Petsmart - there's a new top dog in town!     As we all know, bigger doesn't always equal better. This especially rings true at Wag, a small family-run business on the Danforth at Woodbine that carries a wide variety of all natural foods for dogs, cats, small… Read Full Entry

Journey Into Toronto’s Past With Old Toronto

April 16th, 2018 | City LivingJunction/High Park/Bloor West/SwanseaSwansea / High Park / Bloor West VillageCorso Italia / DavenportWychwood / Humewood - CedarvaleHigh Park North / The Junction MidtownYorkville / Summerhill / RosedaleDufferin Grove / Bloorcourt VillageKing West / Niagara / Liberty VillageThe DanforthLeslieville/RiversideRiverdale / Playter EstatesCabbagetown / CorktownSt. Lawrence MarketAnnex / South Annex / Seaton VillageCollege Street/Little ItalyLittle PortugalQueen WestWallace/Emerson & Brockton VillageRoncesvalles Village

In the City of Toronto, when you cross the threshold of a century home or stand on a street corner, do you ever wonder about the urban pioneers of the past who may have stood in that same spot, or walked these streetscapes paths decades before you did? Centuries of… Read Full Entry

A Live/Work Brownstone On The Danforth Is The Globe and Mail’s ‘Home Of The Week’!

April 14th, 2018 | Word On The StreetThe Danforth

Big news!! We are absolutely thrilled to have one of our newly listed unique urban spaces featured as the Globe and Mail's 'Home of the Week'! Located just west of Coxwell on the south side of Danforth Avenue, this two-storey live/work property underwent a significant renovation with permits in 2014, transforming it… Read Full Entry

Bosley’s Market Insight For The First Week Of April 2018

April 13th, 2018 |

Here's a breakdown of the week's key headlines, plus a helpful explanation courtesy of our parent brokerage, Bosley Real Estate!     Friday the 13th is generally believed to be a bad luck day. With a potential ice storm this weekend it might be bad luck. Old man winter just won't… Read Full Entry

Patisserie La Cigogne On The Danforth

April 12th, 2018 | City Living

In French, "La Cigogne" means "the stork", a bird which has historically been something of a mascot in Alsace, France, thanks to the large population that build their nests there. They're said to spread happiness and fidelity throughout Alsace, and thus became a fitting emblem for Patisserie La Cigogne on… Read Full Entry