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October 2010

Cheerful Eats In Kensington Market

October 6th, 2010 | City LivingRestaurantsCollege Street/Little Italy

Here's a photo of Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market at 6:30pm on Tuesday. As you can seen, it's wet! We've had alot of rain this week...not the light drizzle or spitting variation but intense heavy unrelenting downpours that make you want to stay curled up in bed for the whole day.… Read Full Entry

No David Sedaris Or Nuit Blanche For Me

October 3rd, 2010 | City LivingRecommended Reads

I haven't been able to tell over the past week whether my clients have been sniffing at the properties I'm showing them or if they're fighting the nasty cold slash flu which is making its way around the population. Ever since our mass return from Summer Vacation everyone has been air-kissing… Read Full Entry

Today I Love…

October 1st, 2010 | House And HomeRecommended Reads

Guess what this is. It's a stable re-imagined as an artist's studio space. Location: Furesø, Denmark Location: Furesø, Denmark Size: 25m² Location: Furesø, Denmark Size: 25m²  *sigh Svendborg Architects Stable ~Vince Read Full Entry