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In a perfect world, housing goes beyond the need of shelter and the function of investment. It is a seamless, supportive extension of lifestyle, and is the bedrock of work-life balance. This sentiment embodies Queen West Village (Queen St, west of University to Trinity Bellwoods Park) and West Queen West (Queen Street from Shaw west to Roncesvalles), where the educated, the enlightened and the inspired throw down roots, partly because of the progressive vibe, but also because it represents the union of the pragmatic, progressive and posh.

Property in this area is becoming highly desired by an educated, entrepreneurial, creative work force adept in the post-industrial information and technology age, who understand the merit of working where they live and viceversa. Sidewalks buzz, not only with activity from the trendy cafes and boutique shops, but with the communion of ideas and with a collective sense of direction. Given the density of housing with retail in this area, residents do more with less, space-wise, and the end result is variety, with layers of retail from the high-end to the bohemian.

Dating as far back as the early 1800’s, Queen St West was established by immigrants from numerous places (Jewish, Asian, Portuguese, Irish, Polish and Ukrainian), each throwing down roots in their own enclaves joined by ethnicity, spreading out geographically, from this common beginning point. In recent years, many of these immigrants have begun to shift away from the city centre, and are electing life in the suburbs. Queen West Village is experiencing a re-population with young professionals who seek urban life.

Queen Street West has been regarded as hip, cool and trendy for the better part of two decades. It has an eclectic mix of retailers and boutiques, supported by a diverse housing stock ranging from rental apartments to high-rise luxury condominiums, to working class cottages and merchant class Victorian manses. This diversity maintains a dynamic vibrant street life Torontonians celebrate.

Equal parts history and contemporary, this area is about inclusion and charm inherent with variety, featuring an eclectic mix of working and merchant class houses and mid to high-rise condominiums.

Queen West Village is a testament to the product of re-invention, and is a reminder of property possibility. The area is home to a number of loft conversions, transformed since the 1990s from utilitarian to utopian, where space is coveted, edgy and cool.

The area also supports the well-known real estate mantra location, location, location- which is a homeowner’s best bet to preserving and positioning property value to grow over time. There is ample green space in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Trend literally hits the street in the Fashion District. Creative energy emanates in the art and design district west on Queen St. West. No matter your coordinates, amenities with flair and character line the sidewalks, from the upscale to the grass roots, reminding residents daily of tradition and of possibility.

Does work-life balance include you living in the middle of it all? Then this may be the spot for you!


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