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The Real Estate Seasons

June 13th, 2011 | Real Estate

Spring's late arrival has kept the market momentum intense despite the decidedly Summer weather. It will change soon enough though, as the hot weather will begin to elevate the fatigue level most active Buyers are feeling. When scorching temperatures and high humidity begin wearing thin on the population at large, those house-hunting will take a break and seek solace on the beach to recuperate from our overheated real estate market. It's already happening as I type.

Should enough Buyers take a hiatus, we could see a shift in the dynamics of the market. But this will only occur the pace of new listings coming to market remain the same or increase. This isn't typically what happens in summer though, as sellers also tend to postpone coming to market til Autumn.  

Did you know there are seasons to real estate?

While they don't follow the four seasons of our natural climate, they do have their own ecosystems. To learn more, click HERE to read my newest Newsletter called "The Seasons To Real Estate".

~ Steven

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