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L’Ouvrier In Little Portugal For My Anniversary

October 2nd, 2014 | RestaurantsLittle Portugal

If you're new to meeting the Urbaneer team, you should know we joined forces based on our love of Toronto real estate and our overall awesomeness. We also come from surprisingly different backgrounds, which allows each of us to add our unique perspective, makes us collectively stronger and better suited to address the needs of our equally diverse clientele. 

The Urbaneer team proudly includes an acclaimed professional musician, the owner of the hippest design hub in Cabbagetown, and a legitimate newlywed. Plus our newest arrival Carl Laudan, who comes from a film industry background. Today, Carl shares wining and dining his own betrothed at L'Ouvrier on Dundas Street West.


Every time the leaves begin to turn colour in Autumn, it reminds me that my anniversary with my sweetheart is imminent. And there's nothing I love better than to take her out in style for some wonderful food and drenk. If you're also a foodie and a fan of elegant dishes prepared with creative flair, you'll love my newest discovery, l'Ouvrier.

A short stroll from my Harbord Village 'hood, nestled in Little Portugal, is l'Ouvrier on Dundas Street West. It's the perfect place to go for fresh fall oysters - delicious!



A half dozen oysters, with bourbon mignonette, honeycrisp apple mignonette, & bacon powder... for only $16! The oysters themselves are cooke's cocktails from PEI and the bacon is smoked in-house. How neat is that?! I got the inside scoop on how they create this culinary delight: start with ontario pork belly, cured for a week in a salt, sugar and maple syrup mixture, smoked with applewood chunks for a couple hours, then sliced, crisped, dehydrated overnight and then powdered. Yum!


The talented chef/co-owner, Angus Bennett, suggests pairing it with one of the two offered mignonettes. The bacon pairs beautifully with the apples and bourbon - after all, fall is in the air! 
If this signature dish gets your juices flowing, be sure to check out the rest of their menu
Tucked away at 791 Dundas Street West (between Palmerston and Markham), this is the kind of joint that can revive one's love of food! 
If you're wanting to wine and dine your own sweetheart, l'Ouvrier will not disappoint!


791 Dundas St. West


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~ the urbaneer team
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