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Where House Is Home

May 22nd, 2010 | City Living

While I celebrate the arts I must admit I don't have as much exposure to it as I'd truly like. Lucky for me, my rich social world of fab friends manage to keep me informed of events that no one should really miss. Last night was no exception. 

I was completely mesmerized, transported, and captivated attending Toronto Dance Theatre's "Nest Redux" at the Winchester Street Theatre. The dance, a revisit of Artistic Director and Choreographer Christopher House's piece originally performed ten years ago, was a brilliant, thoughtful, and very moving story of transformation. And the performers were perfection with their intense jaw-dropping feats of human endurance.  

Internationally recognized for his passionate, intelligent contemporary dance, House's productions are visually stunning, highly original collaborations that have transformed the face of the Toronto Dance Theatre. I am now one of his biggest fans!

Christopher House is truly at Home at the Toronto Dance Theatre.

Performances are May 21-23 & 26-29, 2010. Learn more via the link below!

Toronto Dance Theatre

80 Winchester Street

Toronto, ON M4X 1B2

t: 1.416.967.1365

~ Steven

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