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Woodlot On Palmerston At College Street

May 25th, 2015 | City LivingRestaurantsCollege Street/Little Italy

You can't go wrong with an earthy eatery whose motto is: 'Honest. Simple. Handmade.'


Photo courtesy of DobberNation


One of my favourite destinations for getting all romantic is tucked off College Street on Palmerston Avenue next to the new libations and tapas hot spot called Bar Raval. This endearing hideaway is called Woodlot, which sits unassumingly in a converted metal clad garage. The ambience is rustic and comfortable, with the smoky smell of the wood oven licking your nose and keeping your olifactory senses thrilled. It's an absolutely magical environment!


Photo courtesy of Woodlot


One of the best ways to describe Woodlot is 'locally sourced comfort food'. I love that the owners subscribe to the organic trend, but with discretion rather than an iron fist. When possible, they prefer food that is raw and local, and even list their purveyors of fresh ingredients and wine on their website. I've been many times to sample their delights - including fresh east and west coast oysters, and their stellar flank steak! But one of my far-and-above favorite comfort dishes is chicken pot pie with potatoes and brussel sprouts! Yum!


Photo courtesy of DobberNation


Photo courtesy of DobberNation


Photo courtesy of DobberNation


While the wine list isn't massive - the specific selections and quality is astonishingly well-curated! The food choices are similarly limited but just as excellent. Woodlot usually serves to a full house; it feels very exclusive, but not in a pretentious manner. So, if you're looking to be transported to an environment unlike any other in Toronto and embark on a feast that will put a smile on your face, then this is a definite must-go! But don't forget to make a reservation! And if I'm there, you'll find me perched on the bar with a date! Say Hi!

If you don't trust this foodie, check out reviews by both BlogTO,  and NOW Toronto.

293 Palmerston Ave, Toronto.
Tel: 647-342-6307

Restaurant Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 5pm to 10pm.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 11pm.
Freshly Baked Bread available every day from Noon to close.



Want to check out Woodlot's website and menu? Click HERE to connect.

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~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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*Title photo courtesy of Woodlot

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